More Cornfields

Virtually I have walked from Elgin, Illinois to Dixon, Illinois since I started this spring. After determining where I would be on Google Maps I usually use Street View to see where I would be walking. It has been one corn field after another and I have a feeling this is just the beginning as I head west. About 16 hours of walking and I will be in Iowa (virtually) so I anticipate a lot of the same.

In my own neighbourhood where I do my actual walking I am amazed at the things I see even though I have been walking the same streets over and over. The picture with this blog is an interesting tree on my own street. I love to take pictures of trees. This one looked like a good climbing tree.

This could hold many grandchildren!

This could hold many grandchildren!


Walking in the Rain

This evening I walked for about 45 minutes in the rain.  Our dog was at the dog sitter’s and I walked to get him.  It was a 20 minute walk to her house and then with the dog with me on the return trip it was 25 minutes because Tico (being a dog) feels the need to stop frequently.

Anyway, it was a pleasant walk and I hope Tico doesn’t feel insulted that I was carrying a big umbrella with cat and kitten pictures all over it.

Virtually – about 17 hours to go to get into Iowa.  Lots of corn fields ahead I think!

The dog in question - this picture was obviously taken on a sunny day.

The dog in question – this picture was obviously taken on a sunny day.

My Cat Umbrella

Memorial Day


Tombstone of Andrew Moir

This is at Hensall Memorial Cemetery, north of London, Ontario and is the tombstone of my great-great (not sure how many greats) grandfather.

Virtually today I walked from Flagg Centre Cemetery near Rochelle, Illinois to Washington Grove Cemetery.  I didn’t plan it that way but I thought it was very appropriate for Memorial Day.

Walking with a Purpose

Today I did most of my walking without the dog.  Not that he didn’t get his walks but his walks were short today  and mine without him were longer.

Since we parked our car for the last time my husband and I have been doing more walking and riding public transit.  Today we went out for dinner so we walked to the bus stop and afterward home again from the bus stop.  It was a little chilly but not as chilly as yesterday.

Later in the day I walked for over an hour in my neighbourhood.  I was distributing flyers about my big event next week.  On Thursday I am speaking at the local library (Don Mills Branch) on the subject of Connecting with Your Photos.  The librarian told me there are already about fifty people signed up.  I’m excited because I have been working for a long time on a slide show presentation for it.

Anyway, it gave me an opportunity today to walk briskly all around my neighbourhood and I enjoyed that.  This picture shows one of the walkways I used between streets.  For some reason I always enjoy finding and using these walkways.a-neighbourhood-walkway


I’m going to get serious again about keeping track of my virtual walks on the map while actually walking around my own neighbourhood.  The nice weather is inspiring although we are still in that transition phase where anything can happen with the weather.  In fact, today was so cold I was wearing my winter coat to walk to the store.  When I take the dog out I find myself hurrying him along because I just want to get in out of the cold.  I heard that it snowed today in Ottawa.

Virtually, I am now on the outskirts of Rochelle, Illinois.   Wonder what the weather’s like there today.

Just to remind me what winter is really like so I don't complain today!

Just to remind me what winter is really like so I don’t complain today!

We’re Back and On Our Way Again!

SpringI can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my last post!  It’s not that I haven’t been walking.  I just haven’t been posting.  I’m ready to start posting again.

What has happened in the meantime?  First of all, a very hard winter.  Certainly that cut back my walking.  But now, spring is here and I am ready to walk a lot again.

Secondly, I am now ready to start recording my walking in virtual miles again thanks to my granddaughter who got me back on track with computer use and blogs and all those things that she is so good at.

So…where was I?  Somewhere in Illinois.  I’ll figure it out and continue my trek onward to Cheyenne, Wyoming to our second daughter’s house.  Oh, by the way, I was actually at our youngest daughter’s house for a week earlier this spring.

Are you going to walk with me?  Good!


This is a sign I saw on the backyard fence in the townhouse complex where I live.  I guess they don’t want any to come in their yard.  I think that’s it but I just have to say, “Good luck on that one!”  They need to find someone who can interpret this sign into coon language and let the racoons know how they feel.  Somehow I don’t think the racoons will get the message from this sign!

We always see lots of racoons around here and they are usually to be found getting into the garbage bins.

One day this week Tico and I saw a little mouse run right across the path in front of us when we were walking behind the building near the garbage bins.

This week I had several smaller walks.  Some were to the store and some were just around our complex.  I added them up and went on down the road in Illinois a little farther.  It was beautiful farmland and I enjoyed looking at the street view.

Walkway in the townhouse complex


Today Tico and I walked for another hour.  My virtual walk took me past an alpaca farm.  I viewed the entire walk at street view and it was a beautiful country walk in rural Illinois.

Meanwhile, back in Toronto, Tico and I went to a favourite neighbourhood park.  I put a long leash on him and he ran around like crazy and really enjoyed himself.

This park has the most interesting old trees.  I took a picture of an oddly shaped tree there before and this time I saw a tree that looked so twisted that it looked like a Dr. Seuss drawing so I got a picture of it.



So, I virtually walked out of Elgin today and I am officially on my way to Cheyenne.  I say goodby to four grandchildren and push on to virtually visit five other grandchildren.  Of course, they will be older by the time I arrive since I have about 300 hours of walking to get there!

In leaving Elgin I walked past many landmarks that I know from actual experience.  For example I went over the bridge and up Spring St.  How many times did I drive to Walmart that way?  Then I walked a ways on Randall Road to McDonald Rd. as far as Stevens Rd.

Past the Citgo station

Tico and I walked in my neighbourhood for exactly an hour today.  The weather was cooler so we really enjoyed it.  He even made some new doggy friends.

We hope to walk again soon but the weather forecast is calling for more humidity to come back so maybe we will have to do shorter walks more often.


I know it’s not the clearest picture but I took a picture of my computer monitor.

That smile is worth the walk!I did it!  I (virtually) arrived at my daughter’s house yesterday.  I can’t believe I have (actually) walked far enough to walk from Toronto to Elgin, Illinois!  Sure it took months but reaching this goal has me excited about the next goal – Cheyenne, Wyoming, where another daughter lives with her husband and five children.

I’m not going to let it discourage me that Google Maps says it takes 305 (24 hr.) days to walk there from Elgin.  I am ready to push on and see more of America through the wonders of street view.  So, here I go!

One more thing:  I had a bone density scan today.  When I get the results I will know better if this weight-bearing exercise is helping my bones to be stronger.